If you have any information regarding the
disappearance of Louise Paxton please
contact us on

Louise moved to London in April of this year with the hopes of any 23 year old girl.  A new house, a new start in the big city.  She had her whole life ahead of her.

Soon after moving in she became the victim of a campaign of terror orchestrated by an unknown stalker.

After being terrorised for two months she disappeared from her home on the 1st July.

For the three years we have watched as the police investigation into Louise's disappearance has gone nowhere. 

We are calling for anyone who might have any information regarding Louise's disappearance to come forward.  This is a personal appeal from her friends and family.

If you are reading this Lou we haven't forgotten about you.  We won't stop looking for you until you are found.  Our prayers are with you.  We love you and miss you.  If you are able to please get in touch.

If you have any information regarding Louise's disappearance please come forward.  Please contact us on
info@louisepaxton.co.uk.  Thank you.

Louise's Diaries.
We have added all of the videos Lou recorded before she disappeared to the site.  The text beneath each video is simply a copy of the text that Louise posted with her diaries.

18th April 2007.  Boys and Love and Me.  Been thinking and just wanted to let you all know how I'm feeling.
21st April 2007Thinking About Granny.  Been thinking about how I was able to come to London.
Leaving Norwich (with a hangover!!). Helen and me at the station on Good Friday. Goodbye Norwich!!
16th April 2007My New Flat!!!  Here it is... my London flat!!!
23 April 2007My New Stepper!!  Ash doesn't seem to like it much! 
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